Programme Length: 2 Days
One to one strategy session

My VIP 2-day dedicated deep dive session with you focused solely on reviewing your business, finding solutions and developing an action plan to improve your business performance.

You want results, and I can help.

This Intensive session is designed for business owners and executives who want to:

Have clarity about how their business is performing

Identify opportunities for improvement

Increase their capacity to scale their business

Meet the changing needs of their customers and

Gain efficiency in their day to day operations


Find the right answers and drive solutions to improve your business performance.

The Intensive sessions aim to identify and unlock the potential in your business so that you can compete effectively.

Each session is bespoke to the needs of the business, but would usually include:


Identify opportunities for business growth

A review of your current business model

A review of your current business processes

Assessing the risk and issues within your business


Develop practical and dynamic strategies.

Envision and develop dynamic strategies to help you take advantage of opportunities to innovate and compete effectively.

Create a clear, measurable and coordinated approach to implementing your strategies.

I see strategising and implementation as an integrated whole, and so my work ensures you have an actionable strategic plan to move forward.

Performance Monitoring

Define and establish performance indicators

Identify the right metrics to monitor your strategy so you can assess your progress and understand whether your actions are achieving the desired results.

To ensure that you don’t get stuck whilst implementing your plans, you will also get:

2 follow up support calls over 3 months

Full email access to me over 3 months

Your Investment: £2,500

M!HC Platinum Offer