Executive Coaching

Program Length: Variable
For: 1:1 Coaching

Support for business executives to allow you to have clarity, regain control, lead with confidence and achieve utmost performance without compromising on the things that matter to you.

Achieve Peak Performance

As an Executive you are constantly adapting to the changes around you, and this can be stressful. You are pulled in different directions. Sometimes you feel you are in control, at times you don’t and it can feel lonely.

My exclusive Executive Coaching Programme is designed specifically to help you through this.

Whether it is support to get more out of your team, get a wider perspective on your business and personal goals to make sure they are aligned or help to develop personally so you can perform at your best each day in every area of your life, I can help.

My goal is to walk alongside you to move forward with clarity, focus and confidence. Talk to me about your situation to get the help you need right now.

You will feel calmer and in control, back on the saddle and you will achieve maximum performance.

The coaching sessions will:

  • Guide you to achieve clarity, become curious about yourself and those around you and raise your awareness of the main issues you are dealing with.
  • Challenge you in goal setting and enhancing your strengths to find effective solutions.
  • Provide an opportunity to have someone to talk to outside of your business, de-stress, get clarity and focus on your next steps.
  • Provide you with the support, discipline and motivation to make the changes you desire, as well as put new procedures and practices in place to help you reach your maximum potential.

The duration of our work together is guided by the scope of the goals you want to achieve and starts from a minimum of 6 months.

Your investment: £6,000 for 6 months


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