Accelerate - The Startup Mentoring Programme 

Program Length: 3 Months
For: 1:1 Coaching

Accelerate is a virtual mentoring program for people who are ready to start their businesses and they want to do it right so that it succeeds in the long term. It is for you if you are not satisfied with just thinking about things but you are ready to take action, you want support to see results.

{Gain CONFIDENCE to start and build your business
Gain CLARITY about steps to take and
Get SUPPORT to start taking action to move forward}

I help business owners to grow their businesses, have focus, and be efficient in delivering results for their business so they can achieve high performance.

I’d love to do the same for you.

Seeing ideas grow into a successful business is my passion, I actually call it my indulgence! I want to help you build a business that not only survives pass its fifth year but is successful by whatever standards you define success to be in your business.

There are lots of free resources available for businesses, what makes this different? On the Accelerate Programme, you will

not just get the ‘what’ to do and templates but on-going support to take action

get an opportunity to get feedback and advice on your own business and get your questions answered

be held accountable to take the actions you commit to not feel lonely in your business

get support to put the right structures in place to run the business you want (not as it ‘should’ be done)

align yourself with a success mindset and build confidence to get the business of your dreams

gain access to my unique experience and skills as a business coach and mentor, project manager, accountant and business strategist to guide you to start and build your business

I will use my experience as a business owner, business strategist, and accountant to help you lay the right foundations for your business and set you on the path to success.

Want this?

This is for you if:

You are an action taker and ready for big-time accountability

You want support to build up your business right – less hassle, more results

You want to build a business that is scalable and profitable

You want to make a difference and you are committed to this

This is not for you if:

You are not ready to commit to taking action

You like to make excuses and focus on the negatives

You have a short-term view of business

You would rather do it alone

With my support, you will be clear about how to start, sustain, and scale your business and take the right actions. You deserve to have the business of your dreams and get the results you SO desire.

You have probably been putting it off for so long.


What is included?

  • Training - Monthly business development sessions – you will be equipped with the knowledge, templates and tools to start and grow your business. This is not just a ‘teach’ but a full support system that offers you an opportunity to ask me questions as you apply what you have learnt in your business ensuring absolute clarity, personalisation and no excuses for inaction.
  • Continuous access to all training and templates/tools. No information overload or fear of not remembering, access what you need, when you need it.
  • Mentoring Sessions – 6 x one to one mentoring sessions to get you unstuck and keep you focused
  • Accountability - Weekly check-in and check out system to let me know what you are planning to do to develop your business and what you have achieved that week
  • Support - Unlimited email access to deal with any issues that is stopping you from moving forward.
  • Network - Access to my network to help you deep dive into specific areas

Your investment: £1,795

What’s stopping you?

Working with Tayo has enabled me to clarify my ideas, streamline my goals, and abandon plans that would have wasted my limited resources in hindsight.

Having someone with her experience and reassuring demeanour hold my hands through the most challenging stages of starting my business has set me multiple steps ahead.

I would recommend Tayo as my choice of  business coach for start up businesses on any day of the week.

- Tite Pollyn, Eku Skincare -

The experience, knowledge and wealth of information that Tayo has was exactly what I needed. The training, mentoring, weekly check ins and check outs all gave me the much needed assurance and guidance along the journey. For me, the mentoring sessions are like the master puzzle solvers. They are highly beneficial in helping you to align and or fix various pieces of your business.

 I now have a greater understanding of the business market and how to continue to grow my business. Thanks to Tayo for all her support and patience in helping me along my journey.

Kurt Knight -

Working with Tayo opened my eyes to many things to monetise my business that I had not thought about before. Her passion for what I was doing was genuine and it gave me the encouragement to carry on. 

Having worked with Tayo I no longer feel out of depth. I have learnt so much about my business and myself. I have learnt that even the smallest detail can become a big deal when it gets to you making your customers/clients happy. Oh! The psychology of colours – now that is something! Never realised how much something as supposedly basic as the colours I choose to represent my brand can affect the way people view or reacted to my business. There is so much to say about all that I have learnt from working with Tayo and at this point all I can say is thank you so much.

-Tutu Emmanuel -

Join Accelerate.

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