I'm Tayo

A coach, entrepreneur & eternal optimist fully committed to helping you improve your business performance.

I work with business owners to create a clear strategy they can implement and measure to increase their overall business performance.

I work with people who…

Are experts in their fields and love what they do, but need support with the “business” side of running their business

Feel frustrated because they work very hard but they are not getting the desired results

Want to be clear about how their business is performing and what they need to be working on to take their business to the next level

Want their business to work more efficiently and deliver better results

I have a passion for transforming businesses and with my pragmatic and analytical approach; I help my clients to reflect and plan how to take their businesses to the next level. I go the extra mile to support my clients to create sustainable businesses, not quick fixes.


“Tayo has helped me to achieve focus in my business and put some structure in place to help me to be effective with my time. I have also set goals to increase my sales and achieved these. As a result of working with Tayo, I am focused, I have a plan and I am working more effectively.”

– Roz Kara | Elated Social –

I’m practical and authentic; I’m not afraid to call out the elephant in the room. I like a challenge and do not shy away from complex situations.


With my support, my clients achieve their dreams of a thriving business that has…

Structure and balance so they can enjoy their business and still have time to invest in other aspects of life that matter to them

A coherent and practical business plan linked to their goals

Easy-to-monitor performance measures which highlight what is working and what is not

An advantage over their competitors because they take action to achieve results!

“Tayo is passionate about what she does and also very compassionate but firm. She holds you accountable and expects results. I would definitely recommend Tayo to anyone looking to give their business fresh ideas, opportunity to grow and become successful.”

– Ovi Bainbridge | Julie Miller Cake Design –

Tayo’s Bio

Tayo Salami is a performance coach, trainer and start-up mentor for business owners.

Her signature approach enables her clients to achieve the transformation necessary for them to succeed.

Her extensive experience across commercial and charity sectors, her MBA and accounting qualifications helps her to effectively support her clients regardless of their industry or background.

And a little more about the big parts of my life:

  • I am married to Jibade and mother to two lovely boys Mofi and Moyo
  • I am an amateur gardener who tries to get better every year
  • I love travelling and discovering new cultures (the more remote, the better!)
  • My favourite colour is green
  • My favourite season is spring
  • I love hiding away in my ‘whisper’ spot once a month for focused reflection

Are you ready to move your business forward and take it to the next level?