Getting the right support in business

When you first start in business it is not unusual for you to feel that you can do it all with little support. After all, most of us start a business so we can be our own boss, not have to manage people or let’s face it, be managed either. We feel we have to do it all.

Sounds familiar?

But this can be overwhelming, You start to lose focus because you quickly find that there is so much more to running a business than selling your product or services. Day to day office tasks, administration, accounts, marketing and tech, these jobs can take up your time and can leave even the savviest entrepreneur feeling overwhelmed. 

Why you should get support

There comes a point when you have to consider getting some support. If you don’t, spending your time doing these tasks can stall the growth of your business. 

But where do you start in getting the right support in your business? When is the right time and how do you know where your money is best spent and what will save you the most time?

You may feel that while you are growing your business, it is financially more cost-effective for you to complete these tasks yourself. But is it? For a lot of small businesses, outsourcing can have a powerful impact on their growth, productivity and profits. Outsourcing the right areas of your business is a very sound investment. It allows you to focus your time on your areas of expertise and growing your business, something only you can do. (With the right support in place!)

Taking the first step can be a daunting one, but the first thing to do is to figure out when is the right time to take it. My advice is that when you get to the point when you are no longer able to focus on the growth of your business, that is an excellent time to begin.

What kind of support should you get?

There are three categories of tasks in your business:

Business Development and Networking: These should be the tasks that you complete. They may require your insider knowledge, personality or creative skillset.  It is important not to outsource your core competencies or what sets you aside from the competition.  

Repetitive tasks: Tasks such as accounts, data entry or administration, all of which you can easily outsource. It is easy to find a virtual assistant or accountant to support you with these types of jobs. 

Skilled/specialized knowledge: Tasks such as IT, tech and automation, social media or marketing may fall into this category. These types of tasks are best outsourced to people who are experts in their field and if you have little or no knowledge of how to do them. 

You can outsource almost any tasks in your business, but just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should. There will be lots of functions that you can easily outsource, but for some, you need to consider what impact it will have on your business. For other things, you could outsource them, but they may be something you enjoy doing in your business and so should retain.

I have put together a simple exercise to help you establish the best types of tasks to begin outsourcing in your business! Click here to download your ‘Focus on Efficiency’ worksheet.

Physical vs emotional support

Above I’ve covered the types of physical support, you could look into getting for your business. But what about emotional support? Is that something you need to outsource?

The answer is yes. 

Running a business can be lonely, isolating even, no matter how many clients you have and how many networking meetings you can attend. It can be easy to lose sight of where you want to be when you are in the middle of your business, and more importantly, how you are going to get there. Negative self-talk, low confidence and imposter syndrome are all very real challenges for a lot of business owners, so investing in support from a business coach or mentor can be a wise step.

The support that a business mentor or business coach can provide can be invaluable in your personal development and business growth. Having someone outside of your business, more experienced than you who can share their knowledge and expertise can be a powerful thing.  But what are the differences between a mentor and a coach? (You can read about this in my blog here.)

For some, an accountability partner may offer the best support. You may know exactly what you want to do and how to do it, but would like the support, guidance and motivation of an accountability partner to help you forge ahead and achieve those goals. 

An accountability partner’s job is to keep you committed and focused on your goals. They will usually have similar goals as you (or at least be working towards their own goal). This is a two-way commitment with both of you cheering each other on, challenging each other and holding each other accountable to deliver on your goals. They will be someone you can brainstorm and share ideas with and someone who can help you solve problems and overcome hurdles when you need them. They will provide you with the motivation and positive encouragement you need to help you move forward and grow. 

Getting support helps you to move forward faster and I highly recommend you give it a go.

If you would like to discuss how outsourcing and getting the right support in place can transform your business please get in touch with me on or call  020 7112 7575.

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