Where will your business take you?

The success of your business lies in making the right decisions.  As business owners, we are constantly faced with choices that will determine whether we succeed or fail.

How do you choose the most appropriate alternative?

In life generally, we are faced with constant choices and decisions to make.  For example, when you are looking to book your next holiday you have many decisions to make.

  • Destination – where are you going to go?
  • Duration – how long are you going for?
  • Directions – how are you going to get there?
  • Luggage – what do you need to pack?  What are you allowed to take?
  • Logistics – What steps do you need to put in place for your business?  Do you need to make any arrangements at home for pets, watering plants etc.?
  • Currency – how much money do you need to take?

Having clarity about your destination is the essential first step to making the right decisions to achieve your dream of a holiday.

So let’s talk about vision (or destination) 

What is it?

A vision is a mental picture of the result you want to achieve in your business.  The picture you have in mind of the future of your business (the end result of all your efforts).

Why you need to have a vision

Having a clear vision about where you are going, what you want to achieve and where your business will take you is pivotal to your success.  It gives you the focus and motivation you need to meet your objectives and it can stop you from heading in the wrong direction. 

It also…

  • Helps to guide you so that your decisions are aligned to achieve the results you want.
  • Helps you make plans and determine your goals and objectives.
  • Inspires you to take action.
  • Allows you to focus your energy in the right areas.
  • Inspires others to work with you and help to support your business – employees, freelancers, contractors, partners etc.

How to write your vision statement

To write an effective vision statement, you should think about what you want your business to look like. 

Start by choosing a time in the future – say 5 or 10 years’ time. 

Now, go through this short exercise:

  • Focus on success.  If everything has turned out well:
    • What has your business achieved for your customers/clients or what is your business famous for?
    • What did you do to achieve that success?
    • How/what would you use to measure that success?
  • Use the present tense
  • Pull it all together in short sentences and paragraphs and remember to reread it regularly. 
  • Write it so it is clear and concise
  • Put your passion into it and make sure it inspires you

Does it sound like where you are going (your destination)?

Your vision statement shouldn’t be something that you write and forget. 

Why not share it with those close to you for feedback and to also hold you accountable to get there?

Here are a few examples…


Becoming the best global entertainment distribution service. Licensing entertainment content around the world, creating markets that are accessible to filmmakers and helping content creators around the world to find a global audience


The 1960s: Crush Adidas

Current: To be the number one athletic company in the world


To connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.


To give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.

If you would like to find out more about making decisions and creating a vision statement, why not get in touch to find out how I can help you in achieving your goals.  Email tayo@charisplan.com.

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